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LG G2 VS Apple iPhone 5S

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Apple has always had a good grip on the market ever since they released their first iPhone. So it’s probably no surprise that most people thought the iPhone 5S would do the best job of enticing buyers this holiday season.

Somehow, they overlooked LG. It was as if the LG G2 came out of nowhere, crashing the party in grand fashion with some good press and more than a few instant loyalists.

Let’s see which one you should be buying for your parents, kids, and pets this holiday season.

What? Dogs and cats can want too.

At 5.2”, the display of the LG phone is as enormous as it is vivid, with sharp picture and text. The company’s decision to place a button on the back of the phone was interesting and surprisingly intuitive, given the reluctance demonstrated by many a smartphone user. The casing is the only thing that let me down. Compared to the iPhone’s glass/metal construction, the G2 feels cheap, which is a travesty given the power of the thing.

The 5S only sports a 4” display, as Apple sticks to their one-hand-use mantra. And it still looks great, maintaining its air of elegance, and yes, superiority.


iOS 7 makes the newest Apple iPhone as easy to use as any of its predecessors, if not more so. The OS’ design is simplistic and easy to grasp, but the LG smartphone doesn’t lag far behind. The G2 features a myriad of shortcuts and a settings application that categorizes display, sound, and other aspects of the phone for easy access.

You’re probably used to see the number 200 when it comes to on-contract smartphone prices, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with these two phones. However, the two devices do differ in terms of off-contract cost. While the iPhone 5S comes in at a weighty $649.99, the G2 will only cost you $575.  

If you’re at all familiar with the smartphone scene, you already know the iPhone 5S’ features: FaceTime HD, an A7 chip, the fingerprint scanner, True Tone LED flash, and numerous new camera modes like slow-mo.


LG had my attention at “scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass.” More than anything, they sounded like they were making something for you to invest in and not throw away after two years. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the Knock On feature: if you tap your phone two times, it actually turns on. Then there’s its QSlide Function, which works to layer apps on your home screen so that you can swipe in and out of them as you please. Working off of that is Slide Aside, which lets you move from three different apps seamlessly.

The G2 is packed with good stuff to keep you playing, not the least of which is its 13MP camera which generates excellent photos and videos.

Which Is Best?                                          
Comparable in every category, these phones match each other punch for punch. They’re both that good. But I’m recommending the G2 for your holiday shopping list. Sure, it may not have the fingerprint scanner that everyone’s buzzing about, but after a week, that thing gets old. The LG phone will at least give you the opportunity to play with something that’s completely new to you, at least for a few weeks.



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